Fresh food for babies and toddlers

Hello foreign visitor! A carrot which tastes like a carrot, and lMadaga warme maaltijdenooks like one too. Babies and toddlers explore food with all their senses. And our task, as we see it, is to help you make your little one fall in love with real food.

Freshly cooked with pure ingredients

Vegetable and fruit purees, meals, snacks, sandwich spreads for lunch and sauce for the pasta. Everything we prepare is freshly cooked in our kitchen. They take pure and natural ingredients and transform the whole into finger-licking recipes. Our dietician, makes sure that every recipe they come up with contains all the ingredients that your baby needs.

We cook, you enjoy

We cook so that on those busy days, you and your little one can have more time and attention for each other, so that you can sit back and enjoy watching your baby cooking up experiments or simply dip your fingers in it yourself.

Softly steamed purees for small babies

Pure ingredients, real tastes. By letting babies try out freshly cooked real food as early as 4 months, they learn to recognize what is good for them. That’s why our chefs prepare smoothly blended purees of ripe fruits and steamed vegetables.
Our menu from 4 months

First meals for grown up babies

The taste safari continues. We cook steaming stews, tender chicken casseroles and Italian pasta, stunning fish dishes, finger-licking snacks and breakfasts packed with fruit and cereals. We don’t softly blend anymore: we mash the food, just like you would do with a fork, so that your baby can start experimenting with the ins and outs of texture.
Our menu from 6 months

Meals for grown up babies

When they blow their first candle, babies become toddlers and that little vocabulary change means a lot. Your little one is developing his or her own personality and that usually doesn’t go unnoticed at the table. Our chefs take that into account and prepare meals with real little pieces, irresistible -but totally healthy- deserts such as mini muffins with – sssttt – hidden vegetables.
Our menu from 12 months

Other delicacies

We Dutchies love sandwiches as you have probably discovered. We also cook sandwich spreads packed with vegetables which will gently help your little one learn that green does not mean “Keeping my lips tight”. And we bet you will love it too on a cracker or a grissini together with your favorite drink.

Oh, and yes, we were about to forget: the sauce! We cook sauces for pasta too and ship them to you in family portions. They are great to prepare at the speed of light a meal the whole family can enjoy, including your little one.

What to order?

‘Abonnement’ a.k.a. subscription

Every week, we deliver a freshly cooked menu for your little one at your home, at your work or at your day care without delivery costs. You get enough food for 5 days and can always add meals, leave something out or skip a week. No problem!

‘Losse gerechten’

If you know exactly what you need or if you want to stack up your freezer, that’s the way to go. We’ll deliver it where you need it. You can order from our fixed menu and get your delivery in 4 days.

Need help?

We have the answer to all your questions so give us a call: +31 20 308 1200 or sent an email to